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Folding Carton Press-Ready Tooling

Synergy TSI leads the industry as a full-service supplier of converting tools for both sheet-fed and web-fed folding carton production.

Folding_Carton_Press_Ready_Tooling_IntextSynergy TSI production dies and matching CNC milled steel or phenolic counterplates meet the precise standards required for exact folding and gluing.

Synergy TSI fully press-ready tooling–knifed, nicked and rubbered means reduced set up time and faster running speeds.

Synergy TSI uses the ELCEDE CimLine rule-processing system to integrate broaching with undercut bends significantly reducing spot-up time and improving knife life.

Synergy TSI has perfected the technique of simultaneous embossing and diecutting. Stripping and blanking problems are minimized resulting in improved cutting press efficiencies. Tooling Synchronization minimizes setup time and optimizes overall utilization of diecutters.

Tooling Systems Engineered for Performance

  • Press Ready - Easy Set Up
  • Reduced Make-Ready Time
  • Faster Running Speeds
  • Less Down Time
  • More Efficient Press Operation
  • Higher Quality Converted Product