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Stripping Systems including DynaStrip®

Synergy TSI offers numerous stripping options–all prepared to Bobst factory specifications.

Corrugated_Press_Ready_Stripping_IntextAll tooling is shipped press-ready with upper and lower surface routing and includes Bobst QuickLock hardware if required. Synergy TSI engineers each set of stripping tooling to maximize stripping efficiencies. Large scrap areas may be bridged or laminated wood may be used to facilitate sheet travel across the female stripper. Special support rails are integrated under the female stripping tool to provide needed support in restricted areas. Full steel plates or steel inserts are utilized to provide strength as needed.

DynaStrip stripping tooling from Synergy TSI eliminates the need for lower stripping pins. Full or partial DynaStrip options can mean better stripping and cleaner loads for corrugated converters. DynaStrip is the solution for production situations with numerous small scrap areas.

Since most of steel rule die cutting setup problems occur in the stripping areas, use of custom-designed Synergy TSI waste stripping tools will increase your equipment efficiencies.