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Blanking Systems

Blanking Tool Sets from Synergy TSI are effective in both folding carton and corrugated applications.

Corrugated_Press_Ready_Blanking_IntextBlanking Tools from Synergy TSI are prepared to Bobst factory specifications and are shipped ready to mount. Custom All-Steel Lower Blanking Frames from Synergy, designed for single knife layouts and repeated long runs, are the industry standard.

Synergy’s exclusive full-scale Mylar Blanking Template allows the press operator to quickly and correctly position the custom steel blanking frame during setup.

Flat-Top Lower Blanking Frames are ideal for double knife layouts. Flat-top tooling can be mounted on reusable BSI Frames or used with the Bobst universal lower blanking frame.

Custom Steel Support Rails can be integrated under the flat-top tool to provide needed support in restricted areas.

Synergy can engineer a combination blanker that includes both flat-top and custom steel components for difficult-to-blank layouts.

Upper Blanking Tools can be designed to include either BSI flush or tower pressers.