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Corrugated Tooling

Corrugated Tooling

Synergy TSI leads the industry as a full-service supplier of converting tools for both sheet-fed and web-fed corrugated production.

Synergy TSI production dies and matching counterplates meet the precise standards required for exact folding for gluing.

Synergy TSI press-ready tooling–knifed, nicked & rubbered–means reduced setup time and faster running speeds.

Synergy TSI on-press stripping tools result in improved cutting press efficiencies and a higher-quality finished product. Tool synchronization minimizes setup time and optimizes the overall utilization of diecutters.

Synergy TSI has perfected the technique of simultaneous embossing and diecutting.

Narrow bead creasing of small flutes such as E & F flute meets the challenge of achieving exact folding for gluing and filling while cutting from the print side. Narrow creasing beads reduce the occurrence of one-sided folding on box scores especially in the corrugation direction.